Thanks for stopping by the website!

Well, my "break" didn't last very long and time really flies. I've just hit my 2-year anniversary at BDX.

It's funny, in various previous roles where I was a client of BDX, I had never considered that this is really the place to be able to provide technology for the entire new home building industry. It's so great to work with passionate and motivated people I have known for up to 20 years. In an odd sort of way, it has been like "coming home".

While I don't plan to be doing any active consulting in the near future, I'll keep this site around for other personal stuff. And don't hesitate to reach out if you need some tech help.

Or, if you just want to stop by to play some pinball, the machines get a bit lonely.

Mom and Dad's memorials will continue to be available on this site: Sue Gnewikow and Milo Gnewikow.